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Plagiarism policy

French Journal for Media Studies does not accept plagiarism. Articles are subject to anti-plagiarism software to check compliance with these guidelines. Those who do not respect this principle will be removed from the site.


Author fees

The articles published in French Journal for Media Research are not previously subjected to any fee.


Peer review process

Articles are first taken to examination by editorial board in terms of form and content. If they observed the guidelines, they are sent to two referees - following the double-blind peer-review principle - who are international experts with a reputation in their research domains and who evaluate the scientific quality of the manuscripts.

When the reviewers have sent back their evaluation form, the editors examine their comments and decide whether the paper is ready to be published, needs another round of revisions, or should be rejected.

When the decisions are different (for example, the first concludes a "Major revisions necessary" and the 2d a " Not publishable"), the author returns his improved article which is then submitted to the same reviewers. The Editorial Team makes afterward a final decision on the publication or non-publication of the paper.



The articles published in French Journal for Media Research are under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY).


The articles published on the website of French Journal for Media Studies allow authors to keep the paternity of their work. They therefore retain the copyright of their article.


Authors will be asked to sign an authorization to publish before putting online an article. The editorial board is committed to respect the paternity of the author and not the market without prior authorization.



Archiving policy

Authors may submit their texts on HAL Open Archives website ( mentioning the reference to French Journal for Media Research.


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