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Publishing policies


French Journal for Media Research upholds the highest standards of peer-review. Once your paper has been assessed by the editor for its suitability, it will be double blind peer-reviewed by independent and highly-qualified referees.



French Journal for Media Research takes issues of plagiarism very seriously. We seek to protect our authors’ rights and we always investigate plagiarism through an anti-plagiarism software. Manucsripts which breach our principles of plagiarism will be removed from the journal.    


Preparing your paper




Manuscripts should be in the following order:

  • title
  • subtitle: if there is any, it should be placed under the title of article
  • abstract/résumé: in French and English, 300-400 caracters including spaces
  • keywords/mots-clés: in French and English, 5 keywords
  • main text: word limit: 11000 words including tables, references, figure captions, endnotes/footnotes and appendices



  • Manuscripts should be sent as a Microsoft Word (.DOC) file
  • The text should be double-spaced (1.5 line spacing)
  • Text should be standard Times New Roman 12 point


Checklist: What to include


Manuscripts should include;

  1. The cover page: A cover page should include the following information in the following order:
  2. Title of the manuscript
  3. Full name(s) of the author(s)
  4. Title(s) of the author(s)
  5. Affiliation(s) of the author(s) (university, lab, research center etc.)
  6. Author’s e-mail address


  1. The full text of manuscript: A manuscript should include the following points in the following order:
  2. Title of the manuscript
  3. Subtitle (if there is any, under the title)
  4. Résumé in French (300-400 caracters including spaces)
  5. Mots-clés in French (5 keywords),
  6. Abstract in English (300-400 caracters including spaces)
  7. Keywords in English (5 keywords),
  8. Main text (word limit: 11000 words including introduction, conclusion, tables, references, figure captions, endnotes/footnotes and appendices)


Tables and figures

Illustrations (images, photos, graphics, tables and figures) should appear in a single form in the Word document.  The title of a table or a  figure should be placed above the table or the figure whereas the source should be placed below. The number of tables and/or figures should be limited to a minimum.




Article submissions must be sent in .doc to :


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